Saturday, July 18, 2009

Avoidance, Procrastination, Etc.

So my excitement about the "This Is Me" workshop that I signed up for very quickly became a challenge which then turned into....well, let's just say I've been avoiding the task!

Have you noticed my new look on the blog? Yes, that was me avoiding the workshop. I got totally stuck on the first few topics: My Views on Fufullment; My Role Models; My Habits; My Fashion. Have I mentioned how much I hate journaling, even though I constantly preach about how important it is. Well, I've discovered I hate something even more - journaling about myself! I always envied friends who had diaries or written journals from their ancestors. Now I consider those items even more of a treasure for I'm sure that most of our ancestors felt much like most of us do when it comes to journaling. So if you have any diaries or journals from your ancestors, treasure them! I know I've said it before, but after this exercise trying to journal about me I cannot say it enough.

Anyway, I wasn't totally idle this week. I did get my BBQ Recipe Pages and Christmas Cards done for my Scrapaholics Swap tomorrow. (Yes, I did say Scrapaholics - and no, there aren't 12 steps - we don't need help, we're perfectly happy the way we are LOL) I also got my cover page done for my This Is Me album. My challenge is an 8x8 album and for the cover page we were challenged to use hand stitching in our title. This is the first time I have ever used stitching on one of my pages....and probably the last. It took way too much time for my liking. Perhaps next time I'll try with a sewing machine.

I've also decided to skip the first few pages in my album and come back to them later. Some of the topics this past week I think will be much easier for me to tackle: My Music; My Significant Other; My Friends; My Animal Friends; My Hobby. I don't think I will have any problem journaling about these subjects and once I get going maybe I will get inspired on the other topics. I'm going camping again next week so I'll have some down time to reflect on these topics and perhaps get over my writers block.

Here are some pictures of what I did accomplish this week.

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  1. loving that christmas card - so glad i am in the swap ;) journalling is hard but definitely worth it in the end - keep at it! :)